Based on current rents
of $350/mth. for
1 bdrm. and $400/mth. for
2 bdrm.

Mountain View Apts.

29 units

185 E. 13th Street

(21 two-bdrm. @ $400/mth)

(8 one-bdrm @ $350/mth)





Potential Rent Income             $134,400     
Less vacancy

(1% of PRI)


based on hist. perform.

Effective rental income            $133,056      
Plus other income                



Gross Operating Income              $141,456      


Real estate taxes




based on 1.1% of price

Property insurance $179 $5,200


Payroll/Onsite personnel $290 $8,400


manager's compensation

Repairs and maintenance $259 $7,500


Water and garbage $364 $10,550


Gas and electric $126 $3,650


Accounting and legal $31 $900


Licenses/Permits $18 $510



Supplies $19 $550


Misc. $31 $900


Manager's apartment $165 $4,800


Materials $97 $2,800


Total operating expenses        



42.21% of G.O.I.

Net operating income            



57.79% of G.O.I.




CAP Rate=6.1%        






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